Valet Solutions

With options like Pay-by-Phone, Ticketless Valet, Online Reservation Integrations, Stand-Alone Validators, Web-Based Validations, Contactless Payment, Guest Access Control, and more, CVPS offers a variety of solutions to create a completely contactless valet environment for your operation.

Solutions for
Casinos & Hotels

CVPS offers a wide range of tools to enhance the guest experience, streamline operations, and reduce exposure to liability for damage claims.

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Solutions for

Travel can be stressful; valet parking shouldn’t be.

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Solutions for

Valet parking is the last thing on someone’s mind when they go to a hospital. We’ve put a lot of thought into hospital valet solutions so your patients, guests, and team don’t have to.

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Solutions for
Mixed Use Facilities

When your operation caters to a variety of businesses, you need a valet solution that is as flexible as you are.

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Solutions for
Residential Buildings

Modern, upscale living pairs well with a streamlined valet system with all the right integrations.

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Solutions for
Self Parking

  • Aria Series One combines the well-established CVPS software with reliable US-manufactured, outdoor rated enclosures and modular USB hardware components, bringing a dependable, flexible, and low-cost PARCS solution to the market, and it’s really good looking too!
  • Built on the CVPS software platform, Aria combines over 20 years of software success with over 40 years of US-based hardware manufacturing to bring a simple, reliable, and low cost PARCS solution to market.
  • Clients like choices, so Aria can be deployed in the cloud, on-prem, or a hybrid model.
  • Using only IP and USB connected modular components, anyone can service Aria’s equipment (including of course the largest branch and dealer network in the US).

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Our Products

Having worked in or been around the service industry for many years, our team understands the various touch points that can collide and cause friction in a service environment. Between customers, employees and product, there are lots of moving parts that require traction, guidance and transparence. Our solutions are designed to do just that.

Our Team

CVPS is a valet parking management application deployed at over 800 client locations in seven countries. First developed and deployed in 1996, the CVPS application single-handedly created the valet parking technology industry, and has provided our clients with a demonstrated return on investment for over twenty years.

The CVPS team has a history as valet parking service providers, and not only offers a first-class product, but also intimately understands the valet parking business, and offers our clients a knowledge and experience base unrivaled in the industry.

More importantly is CVPS’ relentless focus on the happiness of our clients. We will be there in the valet trenches until your operation is running in top shape, but but don’t take our word for it – ask our customers!

Our Team

John Daniels

The Group Therapist

University of Michigan super-fan with wanderlust, John Daniels has over 25 years of parking industry expertise. He has held various key management positions that have led him to the position he holds today: Our very own Group Therapist.

John lives in Cincinnati with his wife and three children and their dog, Jack. In his leisure time, he enjoys golf, hunting, playing basketball, travel and University of Michigan sporting events of any kind.

Our Team

Jeff Meade

The Tailor

Jeff Meade was born on the West Coast (San Diego) and grew up on the Left Coast (Philadelphia). He is “jack of all trades” when it comes to working with his hands. Former artist, nightlife DJ (going on 14 years), trained pastry chef, and collector of watches and fine whisky. When not busy on the daily grind, Jeff can be found taking in the scenery and searching for inner peace and relaxation.

Our Team

Kevin Meyer

The Rainmaker

With over 20 years of hospitality experience, Kevin Meyer understands what it takes for an operation to run efficiently while keeping clients happy. He believes that keeping things PEC (Personal, Easy, and Consistent) is the key to a successful business and a happy life. Residing in South Florida with his wife and 3 daughters, he enjoys playing golf and fishing, which is interesting because neither are personal, surely not easy, and definitely not consistent.

Our Team

Ken Ung

The Beverage Disseminator

Ken has over a decade of successful experience in both Sales and Operations Management. He is extremely knowledgeable with both the back and front end of CVPS, having previously worked with us as an Installation/Support Technician for about four years. More recently, he has gained valuable front-end experience working in the field as a General Parking Manager overseeing seven parking facilities that utilized both Valet Operating Systems and Self Parking Systems/PARCS.  Most recently, Ken continued his Hospitality and Business development as a General Manager of a fast-paced restaurant where he successfully increased revenue and implemented a customer focused training program for his staff. Outside of work, he enjoys video games, home automation projects, and working on cars.

Our Team

Sarah Dutra


Sarah Dutra escaped the circus performing life to put her flexibility skills into multi-tasking for the CVPS team since 2005. She enjoys wearing wild costumes more than regular clothes and can frequently be found in town dressed as a pirate. Mother of 2 beautiful daughters and grandmother to one grandson who she has nicknamed Noodle. Sarah takes her wine and fire dancing very seriously, just not at the same time.

Favorite Quote: "Simple minds are easily amused" —Mary Pat Adams (to which she replied: I love bubbles!)

Our Team

Emily Babich


Emily Babich is a finance-loving bean counter by day and head honcho of her family by night. Happily married to her high school sweetheart and has two incredibly beautiful children. She loves the outdoors and being in nature. Believes that though there is no wi-fi in the forest, you will find a better connection. All-time favorite thing to do is make people happy and laugh. Having a sense of humor is a number one in her books!

Favorite Quote: “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person” – Audrey Hepburn

Our Team

Curtis Hunton

Wuxi Fingerhold

Curtis Hunton was born way after the time he should have been. He’s a cowboy born in the technology era, and his word and honor mean more to him than anything. When he wasn’t riding 2,000lb bulls both as an amateur and professional, he found he loved electronics. Gained his electronics knowledge from the Navy and worked 10 years fixing “things” in a place he can’t talk about. Had a great opportunity to run the famous “Fountains of Bellagio”. Unfortunately, being in an office just didn’t suit his love for roaming (the range?). Loves going from place to place to resolve issues, figuring out how things work, and fixing them or making them work one way or another. First and foremost, he’s a dad and husband, but also golfs, reads when he can (tech and fantasy). He can’t wait to find a fishing hole, loves to play sports, enjoys running (when his body stops breaking), and tinkers in programing and electronics. One day, he’ll make that cattle-drive if it kills him!

Our Team

Mark Daneshvar

The Great Dane

Mark Daneshvar has had a love of computers since the age of 5. His beloved father, who was a developer, decided to use an old i386 computer as a permanent babysitter. He is now a self-proclaimed “sociable geek” with over 500 friends on Facebook. Mark’s love for all things digital is rivaled by his love of riding his motorcycle. Mark lives in MN and anxiously awaits the cold chill of winter to be over so that he can once again be free with the asphalt. Mark is gifted with a beautiful and loving daughter and an awesome dog.

Our Team

Joannie Fowler

Air Traffic Control

Joannie Fowler was groomed to provide outstanding customer service by both the Detroit auto industry as well as Canada’s physical therapy branch. Listening with compassion, getting to root issues, and directing flow of brilliance from the technical support team back to the clients is what it’s all about for her. A natural at rescuing those in need, she utilizes those skills by rescuing dogs from abusive homes and rejuvenates her soul in the remote wilderness whenever possible.

Our Team

Evan Simonenko

The Astro-Traveler

Evan Simonenko loves to travel, meet new people, and explore new food venues. He has a passion for golf, astronomy, and anything electronic. He loves spending time with his awesome son, and his wife, who tolerate him being lost in space all the time. He is always willing to go to new lands in hopes of finding the perfect beer and night sky.

Our Team

Ed Crumb

Hacker Extraordinaire

As CVPS’ hacker extraordinaire, Ed Crumb grew up in San Diego, but now lives among the mountains and lakes in Seattle. If he's not in front of a computer creating new software, he's on his wakeboard or the volleyball court enjoying the increasingly nice weather in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Team

Mateo Rodriguez

The Jock

Mateo is from Costa Rica, where he still currently resides. He enjoys the Caribbean beaches especially Puerto Viejo. When the sand gets too hot, Mateo loves to travel and explore other parts of the world. Mateo’s escape from work is through sports. He played soccer, volleyball and beach volleyball in high school and college. When he is not playing, he is usually watching all kinds of sports.

Our Team

Ryan Leavitt

The Platoon

Ryan Leavitt served in the military for 4years as an infantry man for the U.S. Army. The division he was with was the 101st Airborne, and his battalion was 2nd 327 B Co. First platoon (No Slack).

When he got out of the military, he went to school to get a Bachelor’s degree in computer science – specifically in network engineering. He ended up in Washington state, going to WSU, and moved because he was offered a job working with an automation company that made machines that package McDonalds french fries, Arby’s french fries, and Starbucks coffee.

Our Team

Mike Ledwold

The Geek

Mike Ledwold was born and raised in Poland. He lived there for 15 years when he got a call to move to U.S. for a new journey. He ended up in Ventnor/Margate New Jersey, where he currently resides. Worked in Atlantic City as a valet and was told most of the time that "those boxes with four wheels don't park themselves yet".

He later decided to throw people's luggage around as a bellman, but noticed that it wasn’t very fun. While working as a bellman and full-time traveler with CVPS, he graduated from Wilmington University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Network Internet and Design.

Our Team

Federico Scariot

Soft Madware Scientist

Federico Scariot is still striving to connect all things in the universe with one software application using the Unified Theory. He hasn’t found it yet, but is still trying, and would tell you that “it’s taking a lot longer than expected”.

When he’s not unravelling his brilliant software theories, he tries to write fiction, and is still waiting for his inner Dan Brown to surface.

In his spare time, he does a little golfing.

Our Team

Michelle DeSelm

The Bone Collector

Michelle DeSelm just may be CVPS’ longest-tenured team member; celebrating almost 25 years with the company and enjoying every minute. Taking her first work steps in the valet office and watching the technological progression, she has some great stories to tell.

Outside of the company, she spends her time working on her small hobby farm in Michigan, alongside her husband and two daughters. Her favorite activity involves saddling up and riding into the sunset.

Our Team

Mike Sweet


Mike Sweet was a valet all through college, working within many aspects of the parking industry from shopping malls, hospitals, and restaurants, to hotels, nightclubs and garages. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise & Wellness from Arizona State and shortly after, started traveling the US delivering corporate wellness programs to Fortune affiliated companies like USAA, Anthem, and American Express. Mike is always in the service of his clients, as well as his team, but when he is off the clock, yoga on the beach, swimming laps, and house music are just a few of his favorite things.

Our Team

Zayed Sauti

The Wicked

Zayed Sauti was born in the southern part of the Philippines. He is a Mass Communications major who chose a different path - customer service.

He is a self-proclaimed comic book geek and frustrated artist. Listens to both ska and metal music (but not at the same time). He enjoys playing basketball, video games included. Was addicted to NBA Live and 2K for a very long period of time until fatherhood knocked on the door, and he now teaches a fearless 2-year old how to wrestle - to prepare him for any future lion attack. (Note: there are no lions in the Philippines)

Our Team

Sabrina Amerson

The Character

“All the world is a stage…and one man in his time plays many parts.” Sabrina adapts her professional style to play any role thrown at her and prides herself on her performance (and her love of idioms). From making spoons in East Glacier Park, to managing a call center in the suburbs, to stumbling into the parking industry, she is ready to cut her teeth at CVPS.

When she’s not taking care of official CVPS business - chasing squirrels, herding cats, spinning plates, etc. - she keeps busy rescuing pit bulls, exploring and sampling at craft breweries, and trying to perfect a recipe she saw on that British baking program - because no one likes soggy bottom. She grew up an Air Force Brat and spent much of her childhood overseas, but she considers Great Falls, Montana her hometown and currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our Team

Justin Williams

The Warehouse Wizard

Born and raised in the Silver State (Las Vegas, NV), Justin’s close family from South Bend, IN brought their love for the Fighting Irish and football to Sin City. When he’s not throwing around the pigskin, Justin also loves to swim (not just doggy paddle) and teaching the sport of swimming. On his downtime, you can also find him spending some time at the arcade trying to beat the high score, that is of course, as long as there isn’t a Notre Dame game on!

Our Team

Chris Groff

The Metalhead

Chris spent much of his childhood in the pine barrens exploring nature and has maintained an appreciation for the outdoors ever since. He owns a dozen guitars but can only play them one at a time, sings, and has been in several bands. He is a self-proclaimed “Audio Nut”. He loves recording in his small studio setup. Building things is another passion of his, working mostly with wood. Always keeping busy, Chris is also a bookworm.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” – Ernest Hemingway

Our Team

Chris Wiles

Born and raised right outside of Philadelphia, PA, Chris Wiles is a nerd who loves to tinker. He has spent most of his life in the service industry, holding the positions of host to general manager and everything in between. He then moved into manufacturing, spending several years as a service manager before coming to CVPS. When he’s not working, Chris enjoys backpacking, building vivariums, and solving creative thinking problems.

Our Team

Raj Cauilan

The Gamer

Raj studied Computer Engineering at St. Louis University of Tuguegarao and came to Manila at age 20. He has been in customer service technical support ever since. He’s tried his hand at sales, account management, and team management but technical support has always been his favorite because he loves tinkering with computers, gadgets, and gizmos.

Raj loves to play video games (all sorts, even the weird ones) in his spare time. He has a huge collection that he’s working his way through. He also enjoys photography and movies. Some of his favorite trilogies are The Godfather, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Star Wars , The Dark Knight, Mad Max, Blade…the list goes on!

Best paired with pizza and beer.

Our Team

Jasper Gomez

The Explorer

Jasper is currently living in the southern part of the Philippines. He is an independent, adventurous person. He used to keep busy studying and working at the same time, but now Jasper has more than 10 years in the Customer Service Industry. He wants to continue to gain experience with CVPS.

He loves hiking/trekking, driving, and exploring new places. He wants to try skydiving, but he hasn’t flown in a plane just yet.

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going."


Our clients are service-focused people and organizations in a variety of markets with operations of varying sizes. They partner with us because of our reputation for being obsessed with client happiness, our flexible solutions, and our record of tangible ROI.